Part two is finally here!

Paving the way,’ is the sequel to ‘In the blink of an eye,’ and is the
next instalment following the lives of Danielle, Mick and Panos. Step on to a path paved with love, loss, betrayal and revenge, and be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster ride, that will have you sitting on the edge of your seats.
Can Danielle’s heart stand the test of time?
Is Panos strong enough to face a past event that has the potential to destroy his world?
Will Mick ever overcome his addiction?
And will we ever find out what happened to Stuart?
There is only one way to find out! But be warned the story doesn’t end there!

Let the celebrations begin.

I am pleased to announce the publication of my second book of my trilogy. Described by one reader as a page turner, Paving the way has so many twists and turns that you will be giddy from all of the excitement. Every page will have you on the edge of your seat as you discover what happens next in the lives of Danielle, Panos and Mick. Meet new characters who are sure to get your emotions stirred, especially one particular mystery lady who turns up on the Island with only one thing on her mind...Revenge!So, put on your seatbelts and get ready for a rollercoaster of a ride that will leave you wanting more!

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Prolific writer Lisa Labon shares her process for writing and tells her fans all about her new book Paving The Way the amazing sequel to her first novel In The Blink Of An Eye.

As a taster I just wanted to share some of chapter 1 with you lovely people so you will get a glimpse of what happens next!
I hope you enjoy this little morsel of Paving the way.....

Closing his eyes, Panos pictured Danielle’s face in his mind. The image of her was so clear, as she smiled at him; her big, emerald eyes sparkled, inducing a smile across his grief-stricken face. Taking a deep breath, he breathed in the memory of the woman that had stolen his heart, filling his lungs with every precious moment spent with her.
Time ran away from him as he reminisced about when he held her in his arms, and he felt a little comforted by the thoughts conjured up in his mind.
The last two weeks had been the best two weeks of his life, but now they had come to an end and he had to get back to the normality of his so-called life. A stubborn frustration rose from the pit of his stomach, as this harsh reality consumed him. He didn’t want to return to a mundane world that didn’t include Danielle. What he wanted more than anything in this world was to have her by his side for the rest of his days; to feel her next to him while he slept, to see her laugh when he was feeling down, and to make love to her. Oh, how he yearned to make love to her. These distressing feelings brought tears to his eyes, and it took all his mental strength to fight the urge to let them fall. For a split second it was as if she had been just a wonderful dream, as his mind played tricks on him, and he started to wonder if she was just a figment of his imagination!
“No, she was real,” he said out loud, as if to convince his deceit ridden conscience.
“No, my Danielle was here,” he said, his voice now just a whisper. He didn’t want her to end up being just like the plane that had taken her away from him, to become a distant memory soon to fade away into the horizon of his past. The pain of his loss was so unbearable that he had to force himself, to come to terms with the way that it had to be and pull himself together. He felt so powerless over the situation and hated the feeling that dominated his willpower and overrode his control.
Putting his head in his hands, he had the urge to squeeze his temples, but resisted, when he was suddenly interrupted by the phone ringing in his pocket. Pulling it out of his pocket he looked at the screen. When he saw it was his brother, he felt both annoyed and relieved by the disturbance, which temporarily brought him out of his despair. He thought twice about answering it, but in the end just stared at it until it finally stopped ringing. He felt a pang of guilt for ignoring his brother’s phone call, but he just didn’t have the strength to talk, not even to Yannis. He soon convinced himself that Yannis would understand, when he eventually explained himself.
As he looked around the car park, he suddenly became aware of the silence around him. The car park was deserted, and a deep sense of abandonment engulfed him. He felt so lost and alone, a feeling he had never experienced before and somehow this began to scare him. Then he looked at his watch and realised he had been standing there for almost two hours. Taking a deep breath and purposely pushing the alien feelings away, feeling defeated, he walked to his car and turned on the engine. As soon as he did the familiar sound of a love song filled the car. The sudden sound of the woman singing took his breath away, as he remembered the many times; he had sung it to Danielle. She invaded his mind again, so much so that he had to turn the stereo off, because the memory of her lovely face induced such pain, it felt like he had been kicked in the stomach. Forcing down the tears that had violently erupted, with great effort he composed himself and began the short journey back up to the hotel. He couldn’t help noticing all the young lovers walking hand in hand down the road. They interacted passionately with each other and a pang of jealousy overwhelmed him as he watched their smiling faces.
One couple in particular caught his eye when they stopped briefly as they were walking. The man stole a kiss from his partner, and then they carried on without a care in the world. His heart hurt as he remembered that it was only a short while ago, when he too was the other half of a couple. Now he had to face life alone, while everyone else around him seemed to have a common bond of love that tied them together. This only served to deepen his loneliness, making his heart so heavy that he felt like a broken man.
He suddenly felt an overwhelming need to be with his family. He desperately needed the security of being with his loved ones. Surely, he was sure to find somewhere safe where he could come to terms with his great loss. So, he put his foot down on the accelerator and made a speedy getaway from the love-struck couples who, unbeknown to them, tormented his own existence.
Once again, his phone began ringing in his pocket, but this time he resisted the urge to ignore it and answered his brother, who was understandably worried about him. He reassured Yannis that he was alright, and that he would soon be home. When he hung up the phone, a smile escaped from his lips as he recalled the concern in his brother’s voice. He knew then that it would take time, but with his family’s support, he was going to be alright.
Arriving back at the hotel he closed his eyes for a minute trying to pull himself together. The sun was high in the sky and felt very warm against his face. He let its comforting rays sink into his skin as the warmth enveloped him. Then, as if by magic, a surge of strength rose up from deep inside him, enabling him to walk up the steps to face his life as a hotel manager again. He took a deep breath, put Danielle to the back of his mind, and then walked into the hotel.
Yannis was behind the reception desk and looked over to his brother. His face showed no emotion as he studied Panos’s face for any sign of distress, and he was relieved when Panos smiled and nodded his head to reassure him. Panos continued past him and walked over to the bar where a man was standing eagerly waiting to be served.
“What can I get you sir?” he asked proudly, a wide smile dominating his face. On the outside it was if he hadn’t a care in the world, but the pain that was still raw in his heart told another story. ‘I will get over this,’ he kept telling himself, as he poured the gentleman’s drink.
Danielle looked out of the window of the plane, tears flowing down her cheeks. The pain she felt inside was too hard to contain, so she helplessly let the tears continue to fall. They were high up above the clouds, but the beautiful, clear blue view that surrounded her was no deterrent to how she felt. All she could think about was Panos and the love that they had shared, which had now been cruelly snatched out of her hands. Her heart felt like it was made of lead as she recaptured every moment spent with the man of her dreams, reliving every touch, every kiss, and every heart rendering memory of being safe in his arms. Regret pierced her heart as she chided herself for the sheer stupidity of letting him through the barrier that she had built up over the years to protect herself. Now here she was, her heart broken into pieces, and at a place she had vowed never to allow herself to be. Sighing heavily at her weakness, she clutched her stomach symbolic of the place where the root of her pain resided, provoking the tears to flow faster down her face.
Why did I let this happen? She thought. How could I have been so careless? She closed her eyes as a picture of Panos spontaneously came into her mind. She wanted to rid herself of the vision, but found that she couldn’t, because she realised that she didn’t want to lose the memory of his handsome face.
Mick sat next to her and his heart went out to his heartbroken friend. He had watched her stare out of the window and felt helpless at her sorrow. He tried his hardest to take her mind off Panos by telling a few jokes, but she was oblivious to his jibes. He wanted to tell her that it was all going to be alright, but these words seemed so powerless and empty, that he chose not to say them.
Turning to Matt for moral support, on the other side of him, was pointless. He had his eyes closed and was lost in his own thoughts. Thankfully the stewardess came down the aisle pushing the drinks trolley, which was a welcome distraction. Uneasiness flew through his body as he remembered the earliar promise he had made to himself. Fear consumed him at the prospect of never having a drink again, and the determination he had felt earlier suddenly vanished into thin air.
I will do this, he thought, trying to claim back his strength. Technically my holiday doesn’t end until we are back in England, he thought finally convincing himself, his fears dispersing as quickly as they had appeared.
“Yes sir, what can I get you?” asked the pretty dark-haired stewardess as she smiled. He hadn’t even been aware that he had his hand up, when he suddenly realised that she was speaking to him. He guessed that they had been in the air for about two hours, so he thought carefully about his answer.
“Oh, yes a drink. Could I have a large...” he hesitated and turned to Danielle who was still staring out of the window. “Sorry could you make that two large vodka and oranges please, one for my friend.”
If she doesn’t drink it, it will save me ordering another one later, he thought strategically.
The stewardess gave him his requested drinks and then carried on down the aisle, smiling professionally at her potential customers. He took a big sip of his drink and relished the peace that it enticed. Confidence soon made an entry as he imagined his new life of sobriety.
I can and will beat this, he thought self-assuredly. When I get home, it will be easier.
Matt’s mind was racing with all kinds of thoughts, but his feelings for Danielle were his main concern. He tried desperately to wipe her out of his mind by thinking about being back at home, but she would sneak uncontrollably back into his thoughts. He could see how deeply upset she was and felt an irrepressible need to put his arms around her, just like he used to when she was hurting. He felt so confused because of the pain that she had caused him, but somehow that did not seem to matter now. As far as he was concerned, Panos was three thousand miles behind them, out of sight and out of her reach where he belonged. Tears stung the back of his eyes as he reluctantly remembered them being together. It induced a familiar pain that never failed to penetrate his heart. He opened his eyes and stole a glance at Danielle. He could see tears glistening on her cheek and found himself mesmerised by them as they rolled down her face and onto her arm.
Why couldn’t she feel like that about me? He thought regretfully. Why couldn’t she love me like she loved him? What did he have that I didn’t? Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, he was able to stop his own tears from escaping and prompt his thoughts to move quickly on to something else.
They spent the rest of the journey in silence. Although there was great excitement amongst all the other passengers, it was as if a dark cloud of sadness hung over the three friends.
At last the captain’s voice filled the cabin as he informed them that they were now coming in to land. Danielle was brought out of her thoughts by his voice, as she mindlessly put on her seat belt.Wiping away her tears she consciously put Panos to the back of her mind. Suddenly, she felt an excitement stir up in her stomach at the thought of seeing her three children again. This encouraged a smile to form on her face, and her strength made a comeback as she pictured her babies in her mind.
I will get over this, she thought positively. I have to for their sake. She realised then that she felt better as her excitement had managed to overrule her sadness.
The plane brought them back into their world safely, and soon they were able to leave the aircraft. Matt was the first to get off, closely followed by Mick and Danielle. They left in single file, walking all the way through to the airport lounge. Here they found they were able to walk side by side. Danielle looked at Mick and smiled. No words were necessary as he put his arm around her and kissed her head. He felt so relieved to see her smiling again that he gently squeezed her side. For once he didn’t feel the need to say something funny as the three friends went to get their suitcases.
They were waiting patiently for their luggage when Danielle walked up beside Matt. She felt awkward as she stood by his side, but she really wanted to say something to him. Her words swam around in her head, unable to reach her mouth, blocked by her guilt. Matt became aware that she was there. He looked at her and smiled half-heartedly, because he felt weary with it all.
“M-Matt...” she said shakily. “Matt I am so sorry. I honestly didn’t mean to hurt you. The whole situation took me by surprise,” she offered. Looking down at the ground, she was frightened to show the shame that her eyes portrayed, for ruining their friendship.
“Dan, it’s ok babe,” replied Matt, recognizing the sincerity in her voice. “That is all in the past now, and I am sorry too. It’s not all down to you sweetheart, and I really hope we can be friends again!” His words were genuine as he put his arm around her and gave her a big hug. The thought of never seeing that Greek man again reassured him that their friendship had a good chance of restoration, and this made him squeeze her tighter.
Mick looked over at the friend’s embrace and smiled at the heart- warming reunion. He still felt slightly guilty about what had happened between Panos and Danielle, but he convinced himself that now they were back on English soil, everything would get back to how it used to be. He also hoped he and Panos could still be friends, and that they would keep in touch. They were, after all, like brothers, and this, he guessed, would not change.
He decided to catch up with his two friends, so quickened his step and began walking towards them, but as he got closer, his sandal got caught on the step and he went flying into the back of Matt’s legs. Matt was taken by surprise as his legs buckled beneath him and was more than shocked when he noticed Mick sprawled out on the floor.
“Mick, what are you doing?” he asked not knowing whether to laugh or be concerned for his clumsy friend.
“These bloody Greek...” said Mick without thinking, then stopped himself just in time once he realized what he was about to say.
“These bloody English steps, they are everywhere,” he burst out, laughing at his humiliation, causing Matt and Danielle to follow suit. All three laughed hysterically, causing everyone around them to stop and look at them, curious as to what was going on. Yet again they became the centre of attention, and Mick, being Mick, was the culprit behind the disturbance. Matt bent down to help his friend up off the floor, tears of joy streaming down his face.
“Thanks Matt, me ‘ole mate. It’s good to be home. Hello England, we are back!”
Danielle thought her sides were going to split as she watched Matt haphazardly pick Mick up off the floor, and tears were now streaming down her face. It was a relief that these were happy tears for a change. It was a good sign that she had successfully locked Panos away in a vacant box in her mind at least for now, and she was pleased she had managed to do so. Standing between her two closest friends, she almost felt content. They got their luggage and then prepared to take the final part of their journey home.
Matt helped Danielle with her suitcase, so she took the opportunity to phone her mother to let her know that she would be home shortly. She was overjoyed to hear a voice from home, especially her mum’s precious voice. She was pleased to hear that everyone was at home eagerly awaiting her return, and excitement bubbled in her stomach. She could hardly wait to be with her family again.
It was also a weight off her mind that Matt seemed to be alright with her, and she felt honoured because he was willing to salvage what was left of their friendship. She looked over at him as he was shutting the boot of the taxi and smiled. He was so special to her, and she couldn’t believe that she had nearly ruined the close bond that they shared. She knew that her feelings for him were platonic and was somehow relieved that he now knew it too. Nothing or no one could ever take that away.
“Come on Dan, time to get you home,” said Matt enthusiastically, pulling open the back door of the taxi.
“I can’t wait to see my babies,” squeaked Danielle excitedly. “Thanks Matt, you are a true mate.” She gave him a quick peck on the cheek and got into the car.

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