Artist, Author & Poet.

Creativity is the language of my heart.

Nothing inspires me more.

Welcome to my world where creativity catapults me into a world full of possibilities. A world where dreams are allowed to become a reality. A world governed by my own rules. Where the deepest thoughts of my heart manifest themselves, whether it be with a paint brush or with a pen. No matter the condition of my heart at that particular time. Emotions liberated by the power of my pen. The deepest excitement being given the kiss of life by every brush stroke of my paint brush as it meets the canvas. Where I can be exactly who I want to be and its ok. For many years I was restricted by my fears. Low self-esteem had ambushed my self-worth, creating a dam around my heart so high that it blocked out any kind of light to enter in. Fear had caught my tongue, but somehow, I found a way to chip away at that high wall, and my tool to accomplish this great feat, was words. And that was only the beginning. And now my friends, that damn dam is coming down!

Take a journey with me as I capture any self-doubt you may have and know that anything is possible to those who believe.

What's new?

Good day you lovely people. Although I am feeling rather uncomfortable about it, I've decided to share my poems on my blog. It's been very eye opening to say the least and it just shows me how far I have come. It's very humbling too.
I'm going to share one a day, so if you want to come on my journey with me, hop on board and check it out and click below.
Thank you.

Creativity is Key