Love, Family Secrets, and attempted Murder Make the First two instalments of This Santorini-Based Romantic Trilogy the Perfect Summer Read


Set on the beautiful Greek island of Skiathos, the Legacy of Love trilogy introduces us to Danielle. Believing her chance for love was long gone, a chance meeting with Panos changed Danielle’s life forever. But was it a change for the good?

As we follow the life of Danielle we get to experience the turbulent road she finds herself going down and we soon realise how things can change in just one moment. 

The first instalment, In the blink of an eye, opens up the gates as we get to know the characters and why a holiday to the beautiful Island of Skiathos is a welcomed break for everyone. Danielle's heart had been hardened by heartbreak and vows never to get involved with a man again... but then she meets Panos the son of the owner of the Oasis hotel. 

Find out what happens as these two worlds collide.

But be warned this story is about more than just romance as Danielle and her friends are left facing charges that could put them in prison for a very long time! And Panos’ father has a secret of his own as his past comes back to haunt him which could have a devastating effect on all of the family, unravelling a story that will be very hard to put down.

Paving the way, the sequel is in two parts and delves deeper into these relationships and the impact they have on the families involved. Described as a page turner, its content if filled with twists and turns that will make you feel giddy, so be prepared!

Danielle is treated like a queen as she lives this wonderful dream, but she tries her hardest to keep her feet on the ground as she knows she will once again have to leave her dream man to go back to reality where her children are her number one priority.

Panos and his family are in for a great shock as his father’s secret is revealed, cracking the very foundations this family is built on. Their whole world is turned upside down when a mystery guest enters the hotel. This story is about love, friendship, family and betrayal and the consequences to the things that are just brushed under the carpet.

The second part is about the aftermath of Danielle leaving Panos and how she deals with having to leave her man behind. She is tough and soon comes to terms that this is the way it shall be and finally puts Panos in a box in her mind but does she put the lid on it forever.

But unbeknown to her an evil force is determined to disrupt her life by using a devastating event to bring her down to her knees. It nearly wins as well but it has its work cut out for it as another force is trying to make itself known to her. Having been made homeless by thugs setting her house on fire Danielle learns how to adjust to her new life. But it is not easy.

Still to come...Freedom in chains, part three. Tragedy brings Danielle down to her knees as she finds herself lost in the cruel, wounding web of life. Lurking in the darkness is an enemy whose only aim is to crush and strip her of everything and everyone she holds dear to her heart. Weak and alone she soon becomes an easy target and walks straight into the oncoming assault!
Has death defeated her?
How can things ever be the same again?
Find out as the finale of the trilogy ‘Legacy of Love,’ unfolds. You will be left wondering how on earth will she survive!



Pure escapism.

Love, friendship, attempted murder, mystery and suspense... The right ingredients for a fantastic story.

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