The darkside

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This next poem is my take on drugs and how it enters and grips hold of someone's life. All it does is cause havoc and heartache, two words that are most definitely locked in my past. As you know I've had first hand experience in this subject and I know how deceptive it is.... It sniffs out our insecurities and when we are at our weakest, emotionally, physically or mentally, the POW! IT STRIKES....

The Darkside

The darkside of life,
that the naked eye cannot see
ignites a powerful light,
that scares the life out of me.

Evil comes in different guises,
One hides behind a smiling face.
A friendly force willing you,
to come into a warming place.

This place is filled with security,
that is lacking from within your heart.
Its hypnotic powers overwhelm you.
Its only goal, to tear you apart!

Its cloud of trust is blinding,
stopping you from seeing what is real.
Forever telling you, you are safe.
Slowly controlling how you feel.

It feeds off of your emotions,
finding its way to the hurt that has spread.
Eating its way through your pain.
It wants to get inside your head.

The devil is spelt with a capital D
that injects its evil spell,
intentionally into the lifeline that feeds it,
directing you straight to hell!

Gripping onto your soul
taking hold of what is right.
Vacuuming out all traces of good,
so no strength in you is left to fight.

It laughs as its glory flows.
It stands tall as it reigns.
It has at last got what it has craved for.
Its power flows freely through your veins!