My Battle

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This next poem is self explanatory as it explains my struggle with alcohol (back in the day.) I know I wanted to stop, but I just could not do it. My mind was a battle ground that's for sure! 

My battle


As my eyes are opened

To the beginning of a new day.

For a split second I am normal.

But then my mind begins to stray.


I am reminded of my battle,

As I’m locked inside my tower.

My guns and swords are on standby,

To combat my enemy, WILLPOWER!


My mind and body are divided.

Weakened by the split.

I’m torn between what I want and what’s good for me.

I feel I can’t take much more of this shit!


My head is for what is right,

Telling me to be strong.

But my body is saying something different.

Wanting a drink, that can’t be so wrong.


My heart aches for the pleasure,

In making me feel that I am sane.

Alcohol is its messenger.

Pumping its craving into every vein.


But my mind has got a secret weapon.

It has an ally to help my frustration.

Loaded with the ability to bond mind and body together again,

It’s the power of love and determination.