Momentary Lapse of Reason


This next poem puts it all in a nutshell for me. I remember being a kid and I had so many hopes and dreams. I wanted a big family, a good husband, a nice life. I laugh as I just didn't have a clue what lay instore for me. It's taken a long time for me to come to terms with letting go of that little girl. It was a struggle but it's been part of my journey, part of my healing. I always felt I'd let her down somehow... Crazy I know, but I've always been so good at cutting things off. Whether people, situations or emotions. It's easier that way isn't it? Anyway, here is my poem 'Momentary Lapse Of Reason.'

Momentary lapse of reason


Tears of sorrow

Face stained with grief

Big spot on my nose

And my bright yellow teeth


I sit and wonder if id gone

Down a different road

If things would’ve been different

If I had married a toad


I feel something

And I don’t understand

Why my life is so full of disappointment

It is not how I had planned


I wanted the fairytale

All ribbons and bows

I wanted diamond rings on my fingers

And nine carat bells on my toes


I have dreamt of prince charming

I long to get to know him

To live out my perfect fantasy

(oops now that’s a different poem)


I wonder how I got here

A world away from my wonderland

It never ceases to amaze me

How it had been taken out of my hands


But one thing I am blessed with

As I am in my own incarceration

Is a pen and piece of paper

And my over active imagination.