Ignorance is not bliss.

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As I write out this latest poem I am thrown right back to the day I was so hurt by people's lack of concern for my feelings that I felt the need to write my feelings down. As you can imagine I was all over the place emotionally. Again I was at the office and decided to go to the cafe to get some lunch. All the people there knew my heartache, but it did not stop the conversation I described in my poem. I know I was super sensitive at that time, but boy did it hurt! Grief can be such a lonely road and it doesn't help when you feel that no one cares. I know now that they probably didn't do it on purpose, but the words I have written were raw and saturated with pain. 

Here is my latest poem 'Ignorance is not bliss.'

Ignorance is not bliss.


My life fell apart just five months ago,

But all around me it is old news.

I wonder how blasé people would be,

If they were to walk in my shoes.


Talking in earshot of where my baby passed.

Death Valley are the words that they shout.

“When you’re admitted you might as well give up.

Once you’re there you will never come out.”


Those words rattle around my head.

I wonder if I’m really there.

Their conversation quickly turns to something else.

It is obvious that they don’t even care.


Caught up in their own little worlds,

Blinkered by what they can’t chance.

The odds are that they can get by,

With the comfort of their ignorance.


What a sad world it is when a broken heart

Of a mother who has lost her son,

Is dismissed as the morning dew.

I ask what on earth has gone wrong!