Endless Love.


Rejection is one of the most horrible feelings we can experience. It possesses the power to devastate the most hardest of hearts and it's words can leave us deflated and in extreme cases,  life can seem too hard to carry on. Rejection can come in all different guises but at the top of its hierarchy has got to be when we are rejected by a person who we love, someone close to us, one of our own. Devastation doesn't even come close. A couple of years back I received a letter that had the ability to tear my heart apart and it nearly did! I came so close to letting go of someone I so dearly loved. Out of that trauma came my next poem I called Endless Love. It still amazes me how my mind deals with such heart break. I can feel the words flittering around in my mind, all jumbled up and as they flow from my mind its as if the paper gives them the kiss of life and they all make sense and I can breathe again... A very profound experience and a coping mechanism you are no doubt familiar with now as you have followed me through my journey of words. 

Here is the poem...

Endless love

My heart nearly broke tonight,

And I very nearly gave up the fight.

I came so close to severing that tie,

That would’ve surely caused my heart to die.


My heart, it nearly broke tonight.

I very nearly gave up my blood given right.

I came so close to letting you win,

by allowing you to throw me into your reject bin.


My heart nearly broke tonight,

I very nearly absorbed all of that spite.

I came that close that I nearly believed,

those words that were seeds that could’ve been so easily conceived.


My heart, it nearly broke tonight.

I was nearly defeated, I nearly said goodbye to the light.

But then I was reminded love never gives in.

There’s never no end to it, it just knows where to begin.


So, my heart it didn’t break tonight,

And it was one of the hardest battles to fight.

But my love for you will always keep us together,

And no matter the lies, that love will keep our hearts bound forever.


Well, my heart it didn’t break tonight,

I will hold on to you with all of my might.

And no matter how big the chasm between us will grow,

I make this vow to you now, I will never, ever, ever let you go.